I'm so glad you're here, I can't wait to help you fall in love with your cycle, xo Amanda


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Let's Get your cycle working for you 

In depth Menstrual Cycle Coaching to help establish or deepen an embodied Menstrual Cycle Awareness practice. I will  hold space, support , help you when needed, and witness you. It is my extreme honor to be the facilitator on your journey.   

One on one
Menstrual cycle  coaching


CONNECT to your emotional and inner world throughout your cycle

LEARN how to support yourself through each phase of the menstrual cycle

BECOME EMPOWERED to live in true alignment with your cycle 

creative solutions to living in a body that bleeds in a society that doesn't support that

GAIN confidence, and a love for your cycle

If you're ready to...

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At the end of our time together you will get a file with all of your main takeaways, and personalized recommendations to use as you continue your journey. 

Exit Package


Voxer support offered between sessions for any questions, blocks, or extra support that is needed



We will meet every other week for either a three or six month commitment.



Fill in the gaps in your menstrual knowledge so you have an intimate knowledge of your own cycle and how to come into harmony with it

Menstrual Cycle Education


Personalized plan based off your responses in the questionnaire.  I will hold hands with you, and hold sacred space throughout your journey. 

Personalized Coaching Program


An in depth health and menstrual history intake 

* payment plans are  available,  schedule a free consultation to discuss your options 

Personal Questionnaire


what you can expect

your investment: $1200
3 month commitment*


"Before I began cycle coaching with Amanda, my mood was down for at least half the month, but I didn't know why. My doctors told me my hormones were low, but I was not given any solutions or explanations as to why that might be. From the beginning Amanda made me feel comfortable, which is unusual as I am not the type of person that opens up quickly. The tools she gave me were all reasonable and doable for my life. She really tailors the sessions to your needs! I have seen a big difference in how how I feel each month, even just doing a few small things differently. I'm so happy I decided to give this a try, it was well worth my time. "

"From the beginning, Amanda made me feel comfortable."


 I wish I could've taken Amanda's class 10 years ago - to help me better understand my menstrual cycle and learn practices that actually nourish me, instead of the habits/practices I've learned that have slowly deteriorated my wellbeing. She helped me understand how to work *with* my body and it's cycles so I can best honor the natural phases my body goes through, including easy lifestyle adjustments, diet and exercise suggestions, and even how to express to others how I'm feeling at certain times of my cycle.

 "I wish I could've taken Amanda's class
10 years ago"


"An awesome way to gain awareness of your own body. Getting knowledge for yourself about your own cycle can and WILL improve your life. I will absolutely tell all my girls about this exciting enlightenment!!! "

"Instantly Rewarding" 

with your cylcle

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I'm so glad you're here.  I can't wait to help you fall in love with your cycle,
XO, Amanda


Hey there!